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◉ Module Pattern

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Data Hiding with the Module Pattern

◉ Factory Pattern

Using Closures for Private Variables

function createAnimal(name, job) {
// "Private" variables here
let _name = name;
let _job = job;
// Public variables here
return {
// Getter Methods
getName() {
return _name;
getJob() {
return _job;
// Setter Methods
setName(newName) {
_name = newName;
setJob(newJob) {
_job = newJob;
const presto = createAnimal('Presto', 'Digger');
const fluffykins = createAnimal('Fluffykins', 'Jumper');
// These properties will be inaccessible
console.log(presto._name); // undefined
console.log(presto._job); // undefined
console.log(fluffykins._name); // undefined
console.log(fluffykins._job); // undefined
// Getter methods have access to the closure
console.log(presto.getName()); // 'Presto'
console.log(presto.getJob()); // 'Digger'
console.log(fluffykins.getName()); // 'Fluffykins'
console.log(fluffykins.getJob()); // 'Jumper'
// Setter methods can mutate the variables in the closure
presto.setJob('Bone Finder');
fluffykins.setJob('Fish Eater');
console.log(presto.getName()); // 'Quick'
console.log(presto.getJob()); // 'Bone Finder'
console.log(fluffykins.getName()); // 'Mittens'
console.log(fluffykins.getJob()); // 'Fish Eater'

◉ Observer Pattern

◉ Singleton Pattern

Design Patterns in React

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Experience with Front-end Technologies and MERN / MEAN Stack. Working on all Major UI Frameworks like React, Angular.

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