React~Redux Questions — Part 1

  1. Pass data from Parent to Child. ( props, contextApi, redux)
  2. Pass data from Child to Parent (props as callback)
  3. PreventDefault, stopPropagation, false.
  4. ComponentWillReceiveProps vs shouldComponentUpdate
  5. setState is synchronous or Asynchronous
  6. Component, pureComponent, stateless functional component.
  7. contextAPI
  8. how you can build your own custom middleware?
  9. redux saga over redux thunk
  10. console.log(this.state) immediately after setState({})
  11. this.props.render vs react.cloneElement()
  12. one way binding vs two way binding
  13. webpack (features)> gulp > grunt
  14. npm scripts
  15. redux vs mobx
  16. client Side Rendering (render) vs Server Side Rendering (hydrate)
  17. What’s the point of passing a function instead of an object?
  18. High Order Component (connect())
  19. ContextAPI
  20. passing a function in setState()vs passing an object
  21. binding in constructor (recommended) over binding in property (anti-pattern)
  22. do we need to bind functions any more
  23. regular DOM vs Virtual DOM
  24. React Component (stateful) vs React element (stateless, immutable)
  25. development build vs production build
  26. react redux vs context API
  27. Controlled vs Uncontrolled components
  28. object.assign() vs …(spread operator)
  29. Lazy loading in react (lazy() + suspense)
  30. Code Splitting vs Tree Shaking (Webpack)
  31. Basic React-Redux setup (via code)

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