Frontend Monitoring Tools

Avoiding runtime errors using frontend monitoring tools

As developers, we always push our limits to test our applications before they go live. As we all know, no matter how far we test, runtime issues are inevitable. Therefore, monitoring every aspect of the application is a must.

Sentry — Focusing on Errors


Sentry is a full-stack error tracking SDK that optimizes the web application code and performance by monitoring and responding to bugs and crashes in real-time.

Sentry focuses on exceptions (application crashes) rather than informational errors.

Sentry gives a full graphical overview of the errors in the application with details such as the number of users impacted, the call stack, the browsers affected, and the commit that caused the bug.

The tool creates visibility to developers on new issues, regressions, and whether a problem is resolved in the latest release, predicts the commit which caused an issue, and receives email notifications when the code gets deployed using the release tracking feature.

It supports over 17 languages and 29 frameworks and libraries, including JavaScript, Python, React, Angular, and is being used by many organizations such as GitHub, Disney, Reddit, and even Datadog.

The most exciting fact about Sentry is that it has a free developer version that supports all languages and the release tracking feature. Paid versions with more features are available for teams($26 per month), businesses ($80 per month), and enterprises(custamizable) that have free trials.

The other 4 tools commonly used are:

1. LogRocket — Replay What Happened

2. Datadog — The Complete Suite

3. Azure Application Insights — Best for Azure

4. Rollbar — Continuous Code Improvement

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