Concepts of React Native

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◉ Web Apps, Native Apps, Hybrid Apps, PWAs


WebApps vs Native Apps vs Hybrid Apps

◉ expo-cli vs react-native cli

npm install -g expo-cli@3.5.0 # if current version is giving problems with earlier node versions on your system.expo — versionexpo init helloworld

◉ Difference between React JS and React-Native

🔘 Setup and bundling

🔘 DOM and Styling

🔘 Publishing

🔘 Animations and Gestures

react-native-swipeout component using PanResponder

🔘 Navigation

Transitions between scenes with Navigator

🔘 Platform specific code


Traditional web development vs React Native

1. There’s no HTML (or DOM) in react Native

2. There’s no CSS

3. You can’t run your web components on your mobile app

4. It’s a real app!

5. It’s not transpiled

React Native Architecture

Handling API in React Native

Lifecycle method in React Native

Integrating an API in React Native

🔘 Fetching data from an API for listing using .fetch()

🔘 Managing API Requests in React Native Using Axios

yarn add axios
npm install axios --save

Ionic or React-Native?

Experience with Front-end Technologies and MERN / MEAN Stack. Working on all Major UI Frameworks like React, Angular.