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In every package.json, there are two types of dependencies.

Normal dependencies are part of your production application. Let’s say you‘re using @material-ui/core for your form fields. The package will be used during development, but of course also by every end-user.

In order to add a package under dependencies, while…

SQL helps us handle data with relational databases. When it comes to having different tables in a database, we need to find a way to connect the tables’ data, and this is where joins come in to save the day!

There a couple of different types of joins:

•Inner join

📄 Table of contents

  • “this” exercise
  • ‘this’ inside arrow functions
  • this’ in a function nested inside a method of an object
  • “this” inside classes

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◉ “this” keyword in js

The JavaScript this keyword refers to the object it belongs to.

It has different values depending on where it is used:

  • In a method, this

In the near past, the web browser was much less capable than today. Every page was coming from a server.

Then the first true SPA arrived as Angular.js, brought together with all these disparate ideas in 2010. Two — way data binding, Client — side MVC, templates, and dependency injection…

One of the core advantages of react is Reusing its components and before HOC what resuability technique we are using in our development?

Most common answer is create a functional or presentational component and pass down props into it from wherever we want to use it. But isn’t this limited…

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Axios interceptors are functions that Axios calls for every request. You can use interceptors to transform the request before Axios sends it, or transform the response before Axios returns the response to your code. …

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  • Equality on Objects?

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Equality on objects

Two objects having the same properties and storing the same values are not equal.

{ char: 'A'} !== { char: 'A'}

Detecting duplicates in arrays of objects

Let’s try out.

const arr = [{char: 'A'}, {char: 'A'}];
const set = new Set(arr);const hasDuplicates = set.size < arr.length;
  • useEffectReact Hooks — Part 2

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A key difference between class and functional components is the fact that class components have a state (stateful) while functional components are stateless.

Stateless components do not use the “this”…

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